Monday, 30 April 2012

Organize Your Cuboards

If your anything like me, then you have a million different ingredients purchased from a bulk food store, still in the plastic bags and stuffed away in the back of your cupboards because you forget what exactly they were. The problem I run into is I have five ingredients that look the same. Like, trying to tell the difference between certain flours such as all purpose flour & pastry flour can really make a difference in a recipe. So what happens in our home is it will just all go to waste.
Now that's not a good thing!
I wanted to find a way to get more organized with this so I can make it easier when I'm in the kitchen. I had some chalkboard paint that I purchased from my local craft store a long time ago. I have been dying to find a purpose for it. So I labeled my canisters with a chalkboard label. Now the best thing about this is when I want to change out a ingredient all I have to do is rub the chalk off and rewrite the name of whatever is in it. Now no excuses. No more wasted food.
Another great perk to this, is when you have a tin of muffins or a jar of dessert on your countertop, you can label what you made so when you family knows just what they are eating!

This is what was found by my husband when he got home from work yesterday.

The cookie jar:
I love how there is a rustic look to the labels.
I made a point to not make them exactly measured so it could have this effect.

Now all you need is:

To start: Use painters tape to measure out your desired shape for the label.

You will then need about 3 coats of paint.
Let one hour to dry between each layer.
Go vertical for one coat then horizontally for the next or vice versa. It will give that textured and rustic look I was talking about.

Make sure you let it fully dry so the 2nd layer doesn't peel off the first layer of paint. This happened to me on the first canister I made, so I let the rest dry fully.

Next is the fun part...Get labelling!

Good luck!

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